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Not sure what cable you need to connect your TV, phone, or laptop? Don't worry, Maplin is here to help with all your cable questions!

USB-CĀ andĀ USB-AĀ cables can be used for a wide range of devices, including smartphones, power banks, and laptops. And if you're using an Apple device, check out our Lightning Cables.

If you are connecting a monitor or TV, you will need a cable.Ā HDMI,Ā DisplayPort,Ā VGA, andĀ DVIĀ cables can all be used, depending on which connections your monitor or TV features.

Connect up your speakers and other audio devices with ourĀ Audio Cables.

Need to hook up your home entertainment? Check out our Television Cables to create your ideal setup.

Keep your devices powered up using our range ofĀ Power Cables, or connect them to the Internet with ourĀ Networking Cables.

Sync & charge your Lightning devices

Maplin Lightning to USB-C 20W High Speed Cable - White, 3m - Maplin Lightning to USB-C 20W High Speed Cable - White, 3m -
Maplin Pro Lightning to USB-C 20W Fast Charging Braided Cable - Grey, 2m - Maplin Pro Lightning to USB-C 20W Fast Charging Braided Cable - Grey, 2m -
Maplin Lightning to USB-A Cable - Black, 0.5m - Maplin Lightning to USB-A Cable - Black, 0.5m -
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Cables at Maplin

Confused about cables?

A cable is just a cable, right? Well, it isnā€™t quite that simple. There are all sorts of features and tech details that are important to understand to make sure you get the ideal cable for your needs.

Cables with different USB connections at Maplin

How do I understand the different USB connections?

Letā€™s be honest, working out the different types of USB connections can be a nightmare. From charging your phone to connecting a laptop and monitor, it can be tricky to know exactly what you need.

Luckily, Maplin are on hand to help you out!

Frequently Asked Questions

What cable do I need to charge my phone?

Most modern phones will have either a USB-C or a micro-USB charging port. Whichever one you need, you can get a USB charging cable with either a USB-A or USB-C connector at the other end, which can be connected to your computer, powerbank or wall charger.

How quickly can a USB cable charge my device?

Most cables that can charge your devices quickly will definitely mention this. Look out for terms like "fast charging" or "Quick Charge" (sometimes shown as QC).

What if I have an Apple device?

Apple devices use Lightning connectors which are different to USB. You'll need a cable with a Lightning connector at one end, and a USB-A or USB-C connector at the other.

The Lightning end will go into your iPhone or iPad. while the USB end can be plugged into a computer, powerbank or wall charger.

What are the benefits of braided cables?

A braided cable offers greater durability so your cable will last longer. It also makes it less likely to tangle, which is always a huge plus!

Why are there different versions of HDMI?

As a general rule, the higher the number, the better the performance. For example, HDMI 1.3 is only capable of streaming Full HD content at 60Hz, whereas HDMI 2.0 can deliver 4K Ultra HD visuals at 60Hz. So, if youā€™re after top quality, make sure to go for HDMI 2.0 and beyond.