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PC & Mobile Accessories

Stay connected and powered up with Maplin's huge range ofĀ PC & Mobile Accessories.

Need to keep your phone or tablet powered up? We've got both USB and wireless charger option in our Phone & Tablet Chargers collection to keep your portable devices charged up.

What if you need to recharge on the go? Check out our collection of Power Banks to give your phone, tablet or headphones an extra burst of power while you're out and about.

When you're using your laptop, the last thing you want is the power randomly dying. Check out ourĀ Laptop ChargersĀ to stay powered up!

USB ChargersĀ can be plugged into wall sockets around your home, and often offer multiple ports to charge several devices at the same time.

Visiting far off lands on holiday or for work? We've gotĀ Travel AdaptersĀ to help you power your devices no matter where you are.

If you're on the move, ourĀ In-Car ChargersĀ provide power from your vehicle's cigarette lighter.

USB-C HubsĀ andĀ USB-A HubsĀ are ideal for increasing connectivity, enabling you to connect a number of devices to a single USB port.

Need to connect a device but don't have the right cable to hand? Check out our range ofĀ AdaptersĀ to easily solve this problem!

And if you want to connect multiple TVs or monitors, we've gotĀ HDMI Splitters & SwitchesĀ to keep things organised.

Still can't find what you're looking for? Explore our other PC, Phone & Tablet Accessories for card readers, SIM cards and more!

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Chargers at Maplin

Confused about chargers?

Looking for a new USB wall charger to keep your favourite tech powered up? Choosing the right model can be tricky, so here at Maplin weā€™ve thrown together a handy guide to help you find the ideal charger for you.

USB Hubs at Maplin

Why use a USB hub?

Whether youā€™re using a laptop with limited ports or you need to connect a device but donā€™t have the right connection available, USB hubs can solve all your problems! Available in both USB-A and USB-C varieties, USB hubs often feature multiple connectivity options, but which one is right for you? Maplin are here to help you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What features should I look out for with chargers?

There are a couple of different things to consider when choosing a charger:

Charging speed

The higher the power of the charger, the quicker it can restore energy to your device. You should also keep an eye out for models that feature "Quick Charge".

Number of ports

Want to charge more than one device at a time? Choosing a model with multiple ports means you can restore power to multiple devices at the same time.

What are the benefits of USB hubs?

If you need to connect multiple devices to your laptop but don't have enough spare ports (or maybe you're missing that type of port entirely) then USB hubs are an ideal solution.

Available in both USB-A and USB-C variants, they make it simple to connect numerous devices to a single port.

Need to connect a monitor? Many USB hubs include HDMI, DisplayPort or VGA ports, so you can even create a multi-monitor setup with ease.

Why use an adapter?

Adapters are a quick and simple way to connect your devices. Much like USB ports, they make it possible to use devices and accessories even if the port you need is unavailable.