TV brackets at Maplin

Finding the ideal TV bracket for you

There are many reasons to wall-mount your TV. From saving space to finding the ideal viewing angle, TV brackets are a great option for creating the perfect home entertainment setup.

It’s very important to find the right match for you, so what features should you look out for?

TV Brackets at Maplin
Arguably the most important thing to check first is the VESA mount standard. On the back of your TV, you’ll find mounting holes that allow you to connect it to a wall-mounted bracket. Check the manual to find out what size VESA your TV uses. This is usually shown like a multiplication, such a 100 x 100 or 200 x 400.
All our brackets show the VESA dimensions they are compatible with, so you can be sure that your TV will work with the model you purchase.

Screen size compatibility
The size of your TV screen is also important - not just for picture quality, but to know what type of wall mount you require. Be sure to check the size range included in the title of every TV bracket on our site – it’s important to make sure it can actually support your TV! If you’re not sure of the exact screen size, you can always find it in your television’s manual.

If a bracket has “Tilting” or “Tilt” in the name, this means that it can be adjusted to tilt your TV forwards or backwards. This can be important for finding the ideal viewing angle so it’s a handy feature to look out for, especially if you plan on mounting your TV higher up on the wall.
If a bracket has “Swivel” in the title, this means that it can be adjusted to swivel from left to right. This can be very useful in smaller spaces, as it helps you to find the ideal viewing angle for everybody watching.
Swing arm
Swing arm brackets offer even greater flexibility as the main arm can be swung from side to side. As with tilt and swing models, this also helps with finding the ideal viewing angle, but also makes it possible to swing the entire TV to one side if you need to create extra space.

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