360 cameras at Maplin

What are 360 cameras?

Whether you’re heading out on an adventurous holiday or want to capture a walking tour around your favourite city, 360-cameras are a fantastic choice to record everything happening around you.

But what exactly is a 360 camera? Maplin are here to help you understand this impressive piece of photography tech.

360 cameras

What does a 360 camera do?

The camera captures video from all sides, so when you rewatch the footage you can move your phone or VR headset to see every angle of the adventure.

How does it work?

By using multiple lenses (often two wide angle lenses), the camera can automatically put the two shots together to create a full spherical image of everything happening around you. 

How do I connect a 360 camera to my phone?

When you’re ready to review your footage, you can usually connect the camera to your phone via an app, though some use Bluetooth or WiFi instead.

What can I do with the footage?

YouTube and Facebook both feature ways to upload your 360 video creations. Watching on a phone, you’ll be able to move the screen around to look in different directions. Want to take it to the next level? VR headsets can put you at the centre of the action, letting you look around naturally.