Solar Power at Maplin

Why go solar?

As energy costs spiral, more and more attention is moving towards renewable sources such as solar power. But can they really provide enough energy to meet our needs? And what truly are the benefits of switching to solar?

Solar Power at Maplin

Reducing your energy bills

Let’s start with the most pressing issue. Utilising the sun’s energy is definitely cheaper than relying on mains electricity. It can help to reduce your energy bills, giving you a degree of energy independence and puts you less at risk from rising energy costs.

Environmentally friendly

As a renewable energy source, solar power is available every day. A common misconception is that solar power requires a sunny day, but in fact solar panels simply need daylight to produce power.

Solar panels produce no hazardous gas and they also help to reduce the greenhouse effect.

Portable power

If you love to travel, you’ll need to think of ways to keep your favourite devices powered up. Solar panels are an ideal solution if you’re looking for off-grid power for a boat, caravan, motorhome or trailer.

Thinking of going solar? Why not check out our Solar range here at Maplin to find the ideal solutions to get you started.