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Written by: Jon Duffy



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Want to make the most of your outdoor space? From perfect patios to glorious gardens, outdoor lighting can help to create a stunning and attractive area for you to enjoy all year round.

Here at Maplin, we’ve put together some ideas to help you get started with garden lighting.

Highlight key features

Whether it’s a tree, a wall or a water feature, outdoor lighting can help to highlight your favourite aspects. Choose from our range of wall and ground lights to find the ideal angle to draw everybody’s attention.

Create an atmosphere

Outdoor lighting can also be used to create the perfect atmosphere for your outdoor space. From inviting guests to an evening party to relaxing at home after a long day, finding the right tone and colour can bring your garden to life. You can even enjoy the lights from inside the warmth of your home during the colder months!

Safety first

If you’re looking to improve the safety and security of your home, outdoor lighting can be an excellent first step. From highlighting trip hazards to warding off unwanted visitors, the right choice of lighting can have a huge impact on your home.

Finding the perfect angle

When planning where to use lights in your garden, remember to consider angles. Light also creates shadows, so get creative to find your ideal lighting style. Also, unless you’re using lighting purely for security, try to avoid too much glare!

Powering your lighting

It’s important to think about how you’re going to power your outdoor lights. If they’re solar powered, there’s no need to worry about running cables from a power source or recharging batteries (though you are somewhat at the mercy of the British weather!)

If the light is mains powered, make sure you plan carefully how you are going to provide energy.

Ready to start filling your garden with light? Be sure to check out our Outdoor Lighting range to find everything you need to achieve your dream outdoor space.  

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