• Converts a DC supply to mains voltage
  • Max Power 800W (when connected directly to the battery)
  • Max Power 150W (when using the 12V charger)
  • Quiet fan for efficient cooling
  • 3 year manufacturers warranty

The Duracell range of Travel Power accessories provides high-quality performance, as you would expect from a trusted brand like Duracell. This Duracell 800W Single UK Portable Power Socket Inverter is great for delivering power while travelling, converting Low Voltage DC input into usable mains power. The USB ports output 2.4A 5V perfect for digital devices such as Smartphones and Tablets. The 3 pin sockets will power additional items such as a Laptop or DVD player. The Duracell inverter includes shutdown protection and has a quiet fan for efficient cooling.

Caution: To avoid the risk of damage to your vehicle, do not exceed the maximum rating of 150 Watts when using this 12V car cable
Note: Power inverters are not suitable for certain types of switch-mode power supplies and low current devices such as electric toothbrushes