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What is a smart home?

A smart home is a home where things just work, and where everything is integrated so that you can think about the more important things. Why should you worry whether you’ve left the heating on, when you can just check on your smartphone? As technology gets smarter, options open up to simplify so many aspects of day-to-day life. This is why we are so passionate about home automation, and the smart solutions it can offer.

Smart Power

With the Hive and LightwaveRF smart plugs, you can create a home where power wastage and electrical anxieties are a thing of the past. Worried you’ve left your hair straighteners on? You can check and switch them off from your phone. Both brands are compatible with the hugely popular Google Home, and can easily be installed at home. This kind of power solution is also smart for green reasons, as you can save energy by monitoring your power supplies.

Smart Heating

Gone are the days of fiddling with your thermostat, trying to achieve a tolerable temperature. With our range of smart thermostats, you can finally have perfect heating without waste or effort. Take the Tado Smart Thermostat for example, which can automatically sense when you are away, and turn down the heat. It can also learn exactly how your house warms up, so that you’re only ever using as much energy as you need. You can control it from your smartphone, and see how much energy you’re using at a glance. We think that’s really smart.

Smart Lighting

With smart lighting, you can control your lighting wirelessly on your phone, tablet or laptop. You can even control mood lighting, so that the ambience of any room is always at your fingertips. You never have to worry about leaving lights on again with the Phillips Hue Start Kit, which enables you to control your lights from anywhere with a connection. We also have a range of remote control light switches, so you can adjust the lighting without having to get up from the sofa.

Smart Security & Monitoring

If you’re interested in home security, we think our smart monitoring range has some of the best possible solutions. With integrated CCTV systems, you can monitor your home from your smartphone or tablet, recording all footage to the cloud to ensure nothing is lost. Many of our home safety kits often include door sensors, so that you can have peace of mind that no one has entered your home.

Smart Sustainability

Wondering how to go green in your home? With our large selection of alternative power solutions, you can help save the environment and save money at the same time. We have solar powered lights and solar panels to name just a few of our renewable energy products. We also have power saving items such as digital mains timers, remote controlled sockets and power meters.

Smart Installation

Many of our smart home systems come with a professional installation option, so whether you’re looking for a basic smart switch or a full smart home, you can be sure that you’re set up and ready to get started.

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