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Here at Maplin, we love sounds. Whether it’s feeling the rumbling bass of your home cinema or having the tools available to be creative with music live or in the studio, we have a wide range of options for your sound needs.

Home Sound Systems

Everyone wants music in their lives, and now more than ever there are plenty of options to suit everyone. We have a huge selection of home sounds systems, including:

  • Hi-fi speakers - For some people, audio clarity is an obsession. They want to hear every nuanced detail of the music they’re listening to, and for that they’ll want the best speakers.
  • Turntables – With vinyl making an unprecedented comeback, more and more people want a turntable to play their record collection, whether old or new. We have options whether you’re just starting a collection and want an all-in-one player, or a DJ wanting a pair of decks to mix on.
  • Soundbars – Increasingly popular and perfect for a home theatre, these space-saving speakers can transform your television into the full cinema experience.
  • Bluetooth speakers – Who needs cables getting in the way in this day and age? With a Bluetooth speaker, you can play your music collection directly from your phone or tablet wherever you are, whether relaxing at the beach or cooking in the kitchen. You can even connect to your smart television for an all-in-one solution.
  • Portable speakers – Want to play music with friends at the park? Of course you do. With our portable speakers all you need are some batteries to be able to play your music anywhere.

Live Sound & Studio

Maybe you’re more interested in recording or performing the music yourself? We have everything you need to get yourself set up in the studio, or ready to perform. For the studio we have:

  • Recording Equipment – Technology has opened up recording to everyone in a way that musicians could only have dreamt of in the past. If you’re looking for a portable recorder to capture sounds on the fly, a multi-track recorder to sketch song ideas, or even a USB audio interface so that you can record at home on your computer, we’ve got you covered.
  • Microphones & PA systems – If you’re a singer looking to get the best sound, you’re going to want to choose the right microphone for you. You’ll also want a PA with the right speakers if you’re performing live. With our huge range, you can be sure to get the right sound.
  • Headphones – Whether you’re a casual listener or a producer trying to capture the perfect vocal take, our wide selection has an option for every budget and application.
  • Stands & Accessories – Microphone stands to speaker cables, and anything else you might need to make your studio or live experience work smoothly.

Musical Instruments

Whether you’re a learner or an old pro, we have a selection of instruments for any musician.

  • Drums – If you want to make some real noise, our selection of drums will help you find your inner animal. Just be sure to look at our soundproofing options as well if you want to stay on good terms with your neighbours.
  • MIDI Instruments – These are a great addition to any home studio, and are used to control music programs on a computer. The Akai range is famous for hip-hop and electronic production, and with a USB keyboard and some good software, you’ve got just about every sound you can imagine at your fingertips.

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