Electronics: The Maplin Magazine (December 1982 - February 1982)

Written by: Pete Luckhurst



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The December 1981-February 1982 issue of "Electronics: The Maplin Magazine" is packed with innovative projects, enlightening features, and news. Whether you're interested in building a combo amplifier, exploring temperature gauges, or seeking advice on basic electronics principles, this issue has something for everyone. This issue also includes a special Christmas projects section, offering fun and engaging electronics activities for the festive season.

Table of Contents:

  1. Projects:

    • Combo Amplifier: Build a powerful MOSFET amplifier with detailed instructions.
    • Universal Timer: Create a versatile programmable controller for various applications.
    • Temperature Gauge: Learn to construct a project with a colorful LED display.
  2. Christmas Projects Special:

    • A collection of six exciting Vero board projects, including a Battery Monitor and a Color Snap Game.
  3. Features:

    • Basically BASIC: Continue learning computing basics applicable in various fields.
    • Videotext: An insightful exploration of Teletext and Viewdata technologies.
    • Starting Point: Understand the fundamentals of using transistors for amplification.
    • How To Solder: Master the art of soldering with step-by-step guidance.
  4. News:

    • Stay updated with the latest book releases, product announcements, and industry insights.
  5. Editorial & Production:

    • Insights into the magazine's production team and their roles in crafting this issue.

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