Maplin Magazine - June-August 1987

Electronics: The Maplin Magazine (June 1987 - August 1987)

Written by: Pete Luckhurst



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The June-August 1987 issue of  Electronics - The Maplin Magazine introduces readers to innovative electronic projects such as a Z80-based microcontroller module for video display applications, a servo tester for radio control enthusiasts, and a capacitance tester. Additionally, it covers the complexities of machine code programming with the Z80, the evolution of television stereo sound in Britain, and provides a historical perspective on radio technology during World War II. The magazine also includes regular features like catalog amendments, classified ads, and updates on Maplin’s retail locations and offerings of the time. You can read a PDF scan of the magazine below.

Table of Contents


  1. Frame Store Part 1- Page 10
    • Introduction to a Z80-based microcontroller module designed for a variety of applications, forming part of the MAPSAT series for weather satellite picture displays.
  2. Servo Tester- Page 22
    • An easy-to-build project for measuring and troubleshooting servo performance, ideal for radio control hobbyists.
  3. Down Converter Part 2- Page 35
    • Continuation of the project describing the Down Converter for use with the MAPSAT VHF Receiver and Decoder.
  4. Capacitance Tester- Page 46
    • A project for building a capacitance meter that measures capacitor values across a range of 100pF to 99.9μF.
  5. More Mini Circuits- Page 58
    • A collection of useful circuits including a movement alarm, stepper motor driver, pink noise generator, optical port data link, and a 'metal pedal' effects unit.


  1. NICAM 728- Page 2
    • Discussion on the future of stereo TV sound in Britain and the technical challenges involved.
  2. Test Gear and Measurements- Page 16
    • Insights into various measurement techniques using electronic circuitry.
  3. Which FET?- Page 26
    • Guidance on selecting the appropriate FETs for different applications.
  4. Machine Code Programming with the Z80 Part 7- Page 42
    • Exploration of peripheral interfacing and I/O ports for the Z80, with programming examples.
  5. Apache Scale Model Car Special Offer - Page 53
  6. Story of Radio- Page 54
    • A historical look at the development of RADAR technology during World War II.


  1. Catalogue Amendments - Page 63
  2. Classified Advertisements - Page 64
  3. Corrigenda - Page 64
  4. Maplin on the Move - Page 41
  5. New Books - Page 34
  6. Order Coupon - Page 31
  7. Price List of Items Since Catalogue - Page 33
  8. Price Changes List - Page 32
  9. Prize Draw Winners - Page 15
  10. Top 20 Books - Page 30
  11. Top 20 Kits - Page 34