Energizer LR20 Max Power Alkaline D Batteries - Pack of 2

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Key Features
 2 x D batteries  1.5 V  Alkaline  Used in many common devices
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MPN: S8995


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Energizer LR20 Max Power Alkaline D Batteries - Pack of 2


About this product

The Energizer brand expertise at an affordable price. They give lasting power for your basic energy needs. Energizer LR20 Max Power Alkaline D Batteries have great resistance to leakage compared to Carbon Zinc batteries.

This will work in your: Large Torch, MP3 Player, Wireless Gaming Control, Bluetooth Headset, Camera, Torch, Remote, Portable Gaming, Walkie Talkie, GPS, Toy Car, Big Toy, Clock, Baby Monitor, Personal Organiser.

They are commonly used for:

  • Flashlights: Larger, high-powered flashlights often use D batteries to provide strong and long-lasting illumination.
  • Portable Radios: Many larger portable radios and boomboxes use D batteries for extended playtime.
  • Toys: Some larger or more power-intensive toys, such as certain remote-controlled cars or motorized toys, require D batteries.
  • Camping Equipment: Devices like heavy-duty lanterns and some portable camping stoves and heaters often use D batteries.
  • Emergency Equipment: D batteries are commonly used in emergency equipment like weather radios, large flashlights, and portable sirens, ensuring they are ready for use in critical situations.


Size: D
Voltage: 1.5V
Chemistry: Alkaline



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Energizer LR20 Max Power Alkaline D Batteries - Pack of 2

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