Pentax 17 Film Camera - Dark Silver

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Key Features
 35mm film camera  Fixed focus 25mm lens  Half Frame to yield double the photos  Manual film winding and rewinding  Built-in flash
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Pentax 17 Film Camera - Dark Silver


About this product

In addition to the distinctive image quality created only by a film camera, this Pentax 17 Film Camera provides users with the fun and excitement of manual camera operation unique to film photography, such as manual film winding using the film advance lever, and manual focus-range setting with the zone-focus system.

Film camera
As the name implies, this is a camera that uses film as its recording medium. Digital cameras record images using electrical signals, but film cameras create pictures by exposing the photosensitive layer of the film to light. You can use the light to create your own image, using it boldly on some occasions, or more sensitively on others. A film camera portrays the scene exactly the way you read the light and intend to capture it on a photograph. While film cameras have had a long history, you will discover a new value in a film camera.

Half-size 35mm format
Film comes in many formats, but the most popular is the 35mm format (36mm x 24mm frame size) — what we call full size in digital photography. The half size is a format in which two pictures (17mm x 24mm) are captured in a single 35mm-format frame, meaning that you can double the number of pictures that can be captured on a single roll of film — 72 pictures on a roll of 36-expsoure film, or 48 pictures on 24-exposure film.

Fixed focal length
25mm HD PENTAX lens, 3 elements in 3 groups. F3.5
Manual winding and rewinding
Weight: 290g
Dimensions: 127mm(W)× 78mm(H)× 52mm



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Pentax 17 Film Camera - Dark Silver

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