TBB Kinergier Mobile CM3.0L 3000W 12V Pure Sinewave Inverter-Charger

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Key Features
 Continuous 3000W Pure sine wave output (230V) with high efficiency up to 93%  Outstanding overload capability for all kinds of inductive loads such as A/C, fridge, power tools and compressors  Extremely low standby power consumption  Power control and power assist function  Powerful battery charger for fast charging
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TBB Kinergier Mobile CM3.0L 3000W 12V Pure Sinewave Inverter-Charger


About this product

The Kinergier Mobile series from TBB Power is designed primarily for use in on board applications – providing AC power (230V) from 12V aux battery. Delivering high reliability, performance and industry leading efficiency for mission critical applications, the TBB Kinergier Mobile CM3.0L 3000W 12V Pure Sinewave Inverter-Charger is a market leading inverter-charger and the perfect choice to compose an on board or hybrid power solution to deploy 230V AC. With option of 2KW or 3KW (12V) the Kinergier series is a fully programmable inverter-charger making it both a flexible and scalable solution in many application types.

The CM2.0L and CM3.0L are ideal for in vehicle use such as commercial, emergency vehicles and motor homes where a compact but resilient inverter-charger is required. With reduced features from the rest of the Kinergier series the 2000W (CM2.0L) and 3000W (CM3.0L) units are a cost effective but highly capable product that are fast to deploy and preconfigured for on board use.

The Kinergier range now features power control and power assist functions. This enables shared power between grid and inverter/battery to size down the generator rating and to start loads with high surge – so combining power from both. AEA (automatic energy allocation) also allows provision of limited AC shore power or from camp site – adjusting its charging current to avoid overload of the grid connection.

The Kinergier Mobile CM3.0L delivers a clean, pure sine wave 230VAC output with high efficiency up to 93%.Transfer speed from Grid to inverter is UPS class at <2ms making it perfect for power back up applications. When the grid is lost or disconnected the load remains connected and power is provided directly from inverter. Programming of all the key features can be done easily via the TBB Link software connected to a PC or APP.

Powerful in built charger provides fast charging of lithium batteries (Lifepo4) when connected to grid.

The MCK remote panel which connects to the CM2.0L/CM3.0L/CM3.0S/CM5.0S displays basic information on the system status and battery voltage.

Bluetooth and APP provides information directly to a mobile device for monitoring and also allows for some basic configuration.

Use with our new lithium modules such as the M12-400 (4800 Wh) to create a powerful, safe, lightweight, reliable and intelligent auxiliary power system. CAN connection between elements including TBB solar mate controllers provides for intelligence and even remote monitoring via the NEW TBB Fleet cloud base service.



Nominal input battery voltage : 12Vdc

Input voltage range : 10.5V-17Vdc

Output voltage and frequency : 230Vac +- 2%, 50 Hz +- 0.1%

Continuous output power at 25 deg c (W) : 3000 W

Peak Power (30 min) at 25 deg c (W) : 3200W

Continuous output power at 40 deg c (W) : 2700 W

Peak Power (10 sec) : 6000W

Surge rating : 300% (2 seconds)

Efficiency : 93%

THD : <2%

Zero load power : 16 W

Overload protection : auto disconnect with 3 times restart attempt


Nominal output voltage : 12Vdc

Maximum output current (adjustable) : 180A

AC input range : 175Vac – 264Vac

Battery types : AGM/GEL/Flooded/OpzV/LiFePO4

Slave charger for starter battery : 3A

Temperature compensation : YES

Other Data:

Transfer time : UPS mode 0ms (<15ms in weakgrid mode)

Remote on-off : Yes

Transfer switch rating (50A) : 32A (AC1)

Programmable relay: 2 x

RS485 Port : For remote monitor (MCK with Bluetooth)

Dimensions : 510*245*135mm

Weight : 21 Kg

Standards : CE-EMC/CE-LVD/E-mark

Warranty : 5 years



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TBB Kinergier Mobile CM3.0L 3000W 12V Pure Sinewave Inverter-Charger

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