TBB Power Trident 10A 12V Smart Battery Charger

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Key Features
 Compact and fanless design  Universal input: 85V-265V AC  88% efficient  5 step profile for effective charging  Power supply mode
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TBB Power Trident 10A 12V Smart Battery Charger


About this product

The TBB Power Trident 10A 12V Smart Battery Charger is designed to be highly efficient (up to 88%) allowing it to be fanless and therefore silent in use. Multi-functional smart buttons allow easy programming of the charger for battery type and mode (charging or power supply).

The 1.2m output battery cables are integrated into the charger with crocodile/ring connection options. The AC input cable is also integrated making set up quick and easy.

Built in voltage compensation and temperature compensation via the included temperature sensor ensures the most accurate and efficient charging of your battery, no matter the chemistry type.

The BS range provides 5 step charging profiles for AGM, GEL, wet lead acid and specific profile for Li-ION batteries.

Input (AC) : 85VAC - 265VAC
Output Voltage (Absorption) : AGM : 14.4V GEL: 14.1V LFP: 14.4V WET : 14.7V
Output Voltage (Floating) : AGM : 13.5V GEL : 13.5V LFP : 13.5V WET : 13.7V
Power Supply mode : 13.5VDC
Charging current : 10A
Efficiency : 88%
Minimum battery voltage : 1V
Cooling : Convection
Case : Aluminium + plastic
Operating Temperature : -20°C to +60°C
Dimensions : 175 x 114 x 53mm
Weight : 1KG

Motor home
Maintaining battery during storage
General battery charging

Off grid and remote power generation when used with solar array
Glamping tents/pods/huts to power fridge, small coffee machine, lighting, TV, travel kettle, small hairdryer etc
Market stalls to power lights
Exhibition stands to power lights, laptop payment machine
Power tool charging/ small grinders in mobile applications
Remote CCTV and security surveillance
Back up and emergency power during power outage
Portable power for relief and rescue workers
Service engineers
Generator replacement in noise sensitive areas



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TBB Power Trident 10A 12V Smart Battery Charger

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