Why reviews are important

When you book a hotel, restaurant, holiday what is one of the first things most of us do? We look for reviews from our fellow shoppers to help us figure out whether they liked the product or learn more about their experiences once they got setup. A positive verified review can empower us with the knowledge to make smarter purchasing decisions.

Verified Reviews

Reviews from real people.
Fake reviews never make the cut.

Easy to Understand

Human readable scores to help
you buy with confidence.

Impartial & Trustworthy

Reviews cannot be edited by
us. It's all in your hands.

How to find the Reevoo product rating

You don’t have to be detective to find our reviews, we’ve made it clear and simple to see our reviews when you are shopping.
You will see our star ratings in 3 areas:

On the right of our sub category pages
See what comes out on top when you compare similar products ⭐
Above the price on a product page

How to ask an Owner's advice

Don’t just rely on us. Ask a verified owner your most pressing questions and get first hand feedback, answers and advice straight from the horse’s mouth

You can find ask an owner, on the item's product page, on the tabs just below the product image. Here you can ask your questions and see any answers.