Electronics: The Maplin Magazine (December 1984 - February 1985)

Written by: Pete Luckhurst



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The December 1984-February 1985 issue of the Maplin Electronics magazine offers a variety of projects, detailed reviews, and product announcements.

Highlighted projects include a detailed guide on building a 4-channel radio control system, ideal for hobbyists looking to explore remote-controlled devices. There's also an innovative telephone exchange project, allowing users to create a 32-extension system for home or office use, and a remote control for amplifiers, enhancing audio system convenience with infra-red technology.

For computing enthusiasts, the magazine offers a comprehensive introduction to programming the Sinclair QL, alongside a comparative analysis of BASIC and FORTH programming languages. This section is designed to provide foundational knowledge and advanced techniques for both novice and experienced programmers.

In the realm of satellite TV, the magazine provides an exhaustive guide to TVRO (Television Receive-Only) systems, detailing the installation and reception processes. 

Technical guides focus on electronic fault diagnosis, offering practical exercises and methodologies for identifying and fixing issues in electronic circuits. This is complemented by product reviews of multimeters, from cost-effective options to professional-grade devices, ensuring readers are well-informed about the best tools available for their needs.

The magazine also reviews a range of books, providing insights and recommendations for further reading. Special component offers and kits are highlighted, giving readers access to discounts and new products to support their projects.

User contributions showcase innovative projects and ideas from readers, fostering a community of shared knowledge and creativity.

Table of Contents

  1. Editorial

    • Insights and updates from the editor.
  2. Project Features

    • Radio Control System: A 4-channel system operating at 27MHz.
    • Telephone Exchange: Setup and usage of a 32-extension system.
    • Remote Control for Amplifier: Infra-red control for audio systems.
    • Frequency Counter: An 8-digit counter for various frequencies.
    • Ultrasonic Intruder Detector: Security system for monitoring large areas.
  3. Programming and Computing

    • An Introduction to Programming the Sinclair QL: A step-by-step guide.
    • BASIC & FORTH in Parallel: Comparative programming techniques.
  4. Satellite TV

    • The Complete Guide to Satellite TV: Comprehensive guide to TVRO reception and installation.
  5. Technical Guides

    • Electronic Fault Diagnosis: Techniques and exercises for diagnosing electronic circuit faults.
  6. Product Reviews

    • Low-Cost Multimeter: Affordable options for measuring electrical values.
    • Professional Multimeter: High-quality device with advanced features.
    • Guitar Buddy Practice Amplifier: Kit for building a small guitar amplifier.
  7. Bookstore

    • Reviews and prices of new technical books available for order.
  8. Component Offers

    • Discounts and special offers on various electronic components and kits.
  9. User Contributions

    • Projects and ideas submitted by readers.
  10. Advertisements

    • Promotions for the latest electronic gadgets and tools.

This issue encapsulates a wealth of knowledge and practical applications, making it a must-read!

About the author

Pete Luckhurst is a Website Manager at Maplin.

After getting an early start in the world of computing with C64 & Amiga computers, Pete now spends much of his spare time in PC VR and dabbling in game development. He also has a strong interest in film, photography and music.

Among other endeavours, he previously worked in a Maplin store, so it was a no-brainer when the opportunity arose to work on the modern incarnation of Maplin online. Besides writing for the blog, Pete works alongside the Maplin team to help keep the online store running smoothly.