Electronics: The Maplin Magazine (December 1982 - February 1983)

Written by: Oliver Marshall



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Browse "Electronics: The Maplin Magazine", December 1982 issue. Topics covered include: various electronics projects, features, and news. The magazine discusses advancements in hi-fi technology, questioning the future of LP records, and includes projects like a CCITT standard modem, central heating controller, sound generator for the ZX81, and a burglar alarm panic button.

Table of Contents


  • Central Heating Controller
  • External Horn Timer
  • Inverter
  • Maplin Modem
  • Model Train Projects
  • Panic Button
  • ZX81 Sound Generator


  • Basically BASIC
  • Compact Disc Digital Audio
  • Interfacing Microprocessors
  • Say It With Satellites
  • Starting Point
  • Wires And Wherefores
  • Working With Op-Amps

News and Others

  • Catalogue For 1983
  • Circuit Maker
  • Classified Advertisements
  • Computer Dial-up Service
  • Improved Timer
  • Interest-Free Credit
  • Maplin News
  • Northern Computer Fair
  • Omissions From Catalogue
  • Price List of Catalogue Items
  • Price List of New Items In This Issue
  • Readers Letters
  • Special Offers
  • Subscriptions
  • Top Twenty Books
  • Video Game

The magazine provides a blend of project guides, technical articles, and updates on new electronics components and systems, catering to electronics enthusiasts and hobbyists.