Electronics: The Maplin Magazine (December 1983 - February 1984)

Written by: Pete Luckhurst



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The December 1983-February 1984 issue of "Electronics: The Maplin Magazine" showcases a broad array of electronics projects, technical insights, and updates for hobbyists and professionals. This issue highlights innovative DIY projects, such as a full-size keyboard for the ZX Spectrum, a speech synthesizer for the Oric computer, and an infra-red movement detector. It also includes practical circuits for enhancing home security, computer interfacing, and personal electronics, alongside expert advice on database management, machine code programming, and electronics measurement tools.

Table of Contents

  1. DIY Electronics Projects

    • Full-Size Keyboard for ZX Spectrum
    • VIC Extendiboard for Expanded Capabilities
    • Oric Talkback: Speech Synthesiser
    • Infra-Red Movement Detector for Home Security
    • Frequency Meter Adaptor
    • TDA7000 FM Radio: A DIY Kit
    • ZX81 ExtendiRAM for Memory Expansion
    • Logic Pulser and TTL/RS232 Converter
    • ZX81 High-Resolution Graphics Enhancement
    • Personal Stereo Dynamic Noise Limiter
  2. Technical Guides and Features

    • Database Management for Microcomputers
    • Logic Design and Hexadecimal Numbers
    • Advanced Machine Code Programming with the 6502
    • Comprehensive Guide to Electronic Measurements
    • Essential Tips for Rewiring Your House
  3. Maplin News and Updates

    • Catalogue Amendments and Updates
    • Classified Advertisements for Community Engagement
    • Reader Letters and Feedback
    • Announcement of New Books and Products
    • Special Offers and Promotions
  4. Editorial and Miscellaneous

    • Editorial Insights and Production Notes

About the author

Pete Luckhurst is a Website Manager at Maplin.

After getting an early start in the world of computing with C64 & Amiga computers, Pete now spends much of his spare time in PC VR and dabbling in game development. He also has a strong interest in film, photography and music.

Among other endeavours, he previously worked in a Maplin store, so it was a no-brainer when the opportunity arose to work on the modern incarnation of Maplin online. Besides writing for the blog, Pete works alongside the Maplin team to help keep the online store running smoothly.