Maplin Magazine - December 1985-February 1986

Electronics: The Maplin Magazine (December 1985 - Februrary 1986)

Written by: Pete Luckhurst



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The December 1985-February 1986 issue of Electronics: The Maplin Magazine offers a rich array of electronics projects, features, and regular columns catering to hobbyists and professionals alike. The projects in this issue include a Video Digitiser, a Mixing It amplifier, a GoKhali Printer controller, a Hobbyist's Temperature Controller, an ASCII Keyboard, and a Play Along Mixer. Each project is detailed with specifications, construction guides, and potential applications. Feature articles explore the principles of Pulse Code Modulation (PCM), the history of radio, operations within Maplin’s Mail-Order Warehouse, and an introduction to machine code programming with the Z80 microprocessor. Regular columns provide updates on Amstrad products, catalog amendments, classified ads, and top kits and books. 

Table of Contents


  1. Video Digitiser - Page 12
    • Save TV picture stills in digital format for various applications including image recognition and security monitoring.
  2. Mixing It - Page 19
    • Part 1 on input amplifier, tone control, and filter modules.
  3. GoKhali Printer - Page 25
    • Part 2 on the microprocessor-based controller for the IBM golfball printer mechanism.
  4. Hobbyist's Temperature Controller - Page 37
    • An electronically controlled thermostat for greenhouse, photography, wine making, and other uses.
  5. ASCII Keyboard - Page 42
    • A complete computer terminal keyboard unit generating standard ASCII encoded characters.
  6. Play Along Mixer - Page 53
    • Mixes outputs from instruments with pre-recorded music for playing along.


  1. What is PCM? - Page 2
    • An exploration of Pulse Code Modulation and its significance in digital transmission.
  2. The Story of Radio - Page 31
    • A historical overview of the development and impact of radio technology.
  3. Make it with Maplin - Page 48
    • Insight into the operations of Maplin's Mail-Order Warehouse.
  4. Machine Code Programming with the Z80 - Page 57
    • Introduction to Z80 microprocessor programming, including the instruction set and addressing methods.


  1. Amstrad News - Page 47
  2. Catalogue Amendments - Page 64
  3. Classified Advertisements - Page 64
  4. Order Coupon - Page 35
  5. Project Servicing Rules - Page 47
  6. Subscriptions - Page 36
  7. Top 20 Books - Page 34
  8. Top 20 Kits - Page 56