Electronics: The Maplin Magazine (June 1982 - August 1982)

Written by: Pete Luckhurst



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The June-August 1982 edition of "Electronics: The Maplin Magazine" is packed with projects that range from a high-quality 25W per channel RMS Stereo Amplifier, built easily with a reliable MOSFET output stage, to a comprehensive guide on making your own Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) at home. Whether you're interested in upgrading your ZX81 with a full-size keyboard, delving into home security with a Radar Doppler Intruder Detector, or enhancing your model railway with remote control and computer interface capabilities, this issue has something for every electronics enthusiast. Dive into the details of a Universal Timer, a Combo Amplifier, a Temperature Gauge, and more.

Table of Contents:

  • Editor's Note & Introduction

    • Overview of the latest trends and projects in electronics.

  • Featured Projects:

    • 25W Stereo MOSFET Amplifier: Build a high-quality amplifier with step-by-step instructions.
    • Radar Doppler Intruder Detector: Enhance home security with adjustable detection range.
    • Model Railway Projects: Introduction to remote control and computer interfacing.
    • ZX81 Keyboard Upgrade: Full-size keyboard implementation for improved usability.
    • Making Your Own PCBs: A comprehensive guide to DIY printed circuit boards.

  • Technical Features:

    • Basically BASIC: Continuing series on BASIC programming.
    • Starting Point: Guidance for beginners in electronics.
    • VIC 20 Colour Computer: In-depth look at this versatile computing platform.
    • Working With Op. Amps Part 2: Educational content on operational amplifiers.

  • News & Updates:

    • Amendments to the catalogue, Atari Computer News, and special offers.
    • Introduction to an Interest-Free Credit scheme for purchasing computer hardware.

  • Regular Columns:

    • Readers' Letters: Feedback and queries from the Maplin community.
    • Classified Advertisements: Buy, sell, or swap electronics equipment and components.
    • Subscriptions: Details on how to subscribe to Maplin Electronics Magazine.

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