Maplin Magazine - June-August 1985

Electronics: The Maplin Magazine (June 1985 - August 1985)

Written by: Pete Luckhurst



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The June-August 1985 issue of "Electronics: The Maplin Magazine" focuses on practical applications of microprocessors, particularly the Z80 CPU module, and includes detailed constructional guides and testing programs. It also features diverse electronics projects such as an ultrasonic car alarm, a guitar equaliser, and an active crossover for loudspeakers. The magazine provides insights into future advancements in digital television technology and offers tutorials on machine code programming and electronics measurements. Additionally, it covers updates on new products, price changes, and catalog amendments, making it an essential read for hobbyists and professionals alike.

Table of Contents

  1. Z80 CPU Module (Page 2)

    • Full constructional details and simple test programs for a compact, expandable microprocessor system.
  2. Zero 2 Ins and Outs (Page 17)

    • How to use the Zero 2 Turtle Robot with the Spectrum, Commodore C-64, and BBC-B computers.
  3. Sharp MI8OK Serial Interface (Page 18)

    • Enables the Sharp MZ8OK to interface with a modem or any other serial communication system.
  4. Fabulous Five (Page 26)

    • A selection of simple circuits including an NAB Tape Pre-amplifier, CBM64/VIC-20 Sequencer Interface, a Signal Tracer, an RF Probe, and a Guitar Fuzz Unit.
  5. Ultrasonic Car Alarm (Page 40)

    • An ultrasonic transceiver intruder alarm that prevents items from being stolen from inside the car.
  6. Active Crossover (Page 47)

    • Electronic crossover design for three-way loudspeaker systems producing Bass, Midrange, and Treble.
  7. Guitar Equaliser (Page 54)

    • A six-channel equaliser specifically for six-string electric guitars to enable greater control over the guitar sound.
  8. The Digits are Coming! (Page 8)

    • Future prospects for domestic color television sets with digital encoding and processing techniques.
  9. Machine Code Programming with the 6502 (Page 22)

    • Final part dealing with branch and transfer instructions, multiplication and division using rotate and shift, and logical instructions.
  10. Measurements in Electronics (Page 37)

    • Introduction to taking measurements for sensitivity and bandwidth in audio amplifiers, and input and output impedances.
  11. Project Fault Finding (Page 44)

    • Part 3 of the series focused on signal injection and signal tracing through audio equipment.
  12. Make it with Maplin (Page 58)

    • The continuing story of Maplin's history, focusing on the Hammersmith and Birmingham shops.
  13. Catalogue Amendments (Page 63)

  14. Catalogue for 1985 (Page 64)

  15. Classified Advertisements (Page 64)

  16. Corrigenda (Page 63)

  17. New Books (Page 30)

  18. New Products (Page 61)

  19. Order Form (Page 35)

  20. Price Changes List (Page 31)

  21. Price List of Items Since Catalogue (Page 34)

  22. Project Servicing Rules (Page 34)

  23. Subscriptions (Page 36)

  24. Top 20 Books (Page 7)

  25. Top 20 Kits (Page 64)