Electronics: The Maplin Magazine (June 1986 - August 1986)

Written by: Pete Luckhurst



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The June to August 1986 issue of Electronics: The Maplin Magazine features detailed instructions for building and optimizing electronic devices such as an Active Aerial and Tuning Unit, expansions for the Amstrad computer, and a digital echo unit. It also delves into the principles of refrigeration, the history of radio, and AC power supply basics, alongside introducing a new series on test gear and measurements. Regular sections include updates to the product catalog, classified ads, and top picks for books and kits, catering to the diverse needs of the electronics community.

Table of Contents

  1. Projects

    • Active Aerial and Tuning Unit
    • Amstrad Expansion System
    • ADA Digital Echo
  2. Features

    • Refrigeration: The Production of Cold
    • The Story of Radio
    • Machine Code Programming with the Z80
    • The Basic Principles of an AC Power Supply
    • Test Gear and Measurements
  3. Regulars

    • Catalogue Amendments
    • Classified Advertisements
    • Corrigenda
    • New Products
    • Order Coupon
    • Price Changes List
    • Price List of Items Since Catalogue
    • Subscriptions
    • Top 20 Books
    • Top 20 Kits

About the author

Pete Luckhurst is a Website Manager at Maplin.

After getting an early start in the world of computing with C64 & Amiga computers, Pete now spends much of his spare time in PC VR and dabbling in game development. He also has a strong interest in film, photography and music.

Among other endeavours, he previously worked in a Maplin store, so it was a no-brainer when the opportunity arose to work on the modern incarnation of Maplin online. Besides writing for the blog, Pete works alongside the Maplin team to help keep the online store running smoothly.