Electronics: The Maplin Magazine (March 1983 - May 1983)

Written by: Pete Luckhurst



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Read "Electronics: The Maplin Magazine", March-May 1983. This issue features: various electronics projects, reviews, and technical articles aimed at enthusiasts and hobbyists. It includes projects like speech synthesis for VIC20 and ZX81 computers, a 350W power amplifier, and guides on using oscilloscopes and digital techniques. The magazine also reviews the new M5 home computer and offers a series of beginner's projects in digital electronics. Additionally, it provides updates on Maplin's services, celebrating ten years of operation, and outlines its expansion into the home computer market, including becoming an official repair center for Atari products.

Table of Contents

  1. Projects

    • Speech Synthesis for VIC20 and ZX81
    • 350W Power Amplifier
    • Beginner's Series in Digital Techniques
    • Miscellaneous Electronics Projects
  2. Features

    • Allophone Speech Synthesis Technique
    • Basics of BASIC Programming
    • Guide to Digital Electronics for Beginners
    • Review of the M5 Home Computer
    • Satellite Communication Overview
    • Maximizing the Use of Oscilloscopes
    • Advanced Operational Amplifier Applications
  3. News and Updates

    • Maplin Catalogue Amendments
    • Classified Advertisements
    • Latest in Computer News
    • Corrections to Previous Publications
    • International Pricing for Maplin Catalogue Items
    • Announcement of New Books and Software
    • Subscription Information and Special Offers
    • Top Twenty Recommended Books
  4. Editorial and Production Notes

    • Editor's Note
    • Production Team Acknowledgments

About the author

Pete Luckhurst is a Website Manager at Maplin.

After getting an early start in the world of computing with C64 & Amiga computers, Pete now spends much of his spare time in PC VR and dabbling in game development. He also has a strong interest in film, photography and music.

Among other endeavours, he previously worked in a Maplin store, so it was a no-brainer when the opportunity arose to work on the modern incarnation of Maplin online. Besides writing for the blog, Pete works alongside the Maplin team to help keep the online store running smoothly.