Electronics: The Maplin Magazine (March 1985 - May 1985)

Written by: Pete Luckhurst



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The March to May 1985 issue of "Electronics: The Maplin Magazine" is packed with exciting projects, insightful articles, and detailed product reviews, catering to electronics enthusiasts of all levels. This issue features full construction details of the Channel 4 Robot, a project that aligns with the '4 Computer Buffs' series, allowing readers to build their own robot as seen on television.

Key projects include a Live Wire Detector, which senses mains voltage without making contact, providing a safe tool for handymen. The Spectrum I/O Controller project offers Spectrum computer owners a versatile I/O port, enhancing the functionality of their systems. Model train enthusiasts can build the Control-A-Train, a smooth inertia model train controller, and there's a comprehensive guide on using LM3914 ICs for display driver modules, enabling the creation of various bar graphs.

The issue also introduces Zero 2, a precision computer-controlled robot, and delves into the history of Maplin with a spotlight on the Westcliff shop. Technical articles cover topics such as counter circuits using crystals, machine code programming with the 6502, and project fault finding, providing readers with both foundational knowledge and advanced techniques.

In addition to the projects and features, the magazine includes news on catalog amendments, new books, and products, as well as a price list and top 20 kits, ensuring readers are well-informed about the latest offerings in the electronics market.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover and Editorial Information

    • Introduction
    • Editorial Staff
    • Publication Details
  2. Projects

    • Trundle - The Channel 4 Robot (p. 16)
    • Live Wire Detector (p. 2)
    • Spectrum I/O Controller (p. 8)
    • Display Driver Module (p. 46)
    • Control-A-Train (p. 54)
    • 4-Channel PWM Controller (p. 42)
    • Scintillating Six (p. 59)
      • Analogue Thermometer
      • Temperature Alarm
      • Shutter Timer
      • Steam Whistle
      • Cable Finder
      • Add-on BFO for Short-Wave radios
  3. Features

    • Zero 2 (p. 36)
    • Make It With Maplin (p. 26)
    • Electronic Chronicles (p. 5)
    • First Base (p. 39)
    • Machine Code Programming With The 6502 (p. 13)
    • Project Fault Finding (p. 50)
    • Measurements In Electronics (Held over to next issue)
  4. News

    • Catalogue Amendments (p. 41)
    • Catalogue For 1985
    • Classified Advertisements (p. 53)
    • Corrigenda (p. 64)
    • Heathkit (p. 30)
    • New Books (p. 29)
    • New Products (p. 34)
    • Price Change List (p. 32)
    • Price List of Items Since Catalogue (p. 31)
    • Subscriptions (p. 33)
    • Top 20 Books (p. 45)
    • Top 20 Kits (p. 41)
  5. Shops and Contact Information

    • Maplin Shop Locations and Details
    • Mail Order Information

About the author

Pete Luckhurst is a Website Manager at Maplin.

After getting an early start in the world of computing with C64 & Amiga computers, Pete now spends much of his spare time in PC VR and dabbling in game development. He also has a strong interest in film, photography and music.

Among other endeavours, he previously worked in a Maplin store, so it was a no-brainer when the opportunity arose to work on the modern incarnation of Maplin online. Besides writing for the blog, Pete works alongside the Maplin team to help keep the online store running smoothly.