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Welcome to the archive of "Electronics & Beyond," originally titled "Electronics - The Maplin Magazine". This publication, running from 1980 to early 2002, was a cornerstone for DIY electronics enthusiasts, published by the renowned UK and Ireland retailer, Maplin Electronics. Starting as a quarterly magazine, it adapted to its audience's growing interest by switching to bimonthly in 1988 and finally to monthly issues in 1991, reflecting its commitment to the dynamic electronics community.

Electronics: The Maplin Magazine, March-May 1983
  • Pete Luckhurst

Electronics: The Maplin Magazine (March 1983 - May 1983)

Various electronics projects, reviews, and technical articles aimed at enthusiasts and hobbyists. Includes projects like speech synthesis for VIC20 and ZX81 computers, a 350W power amplifier, and guides on using oscilloscopes and digital techniques.
Electronics: The Maplin Magazine (December 1982 - February 1983)
  • bloggle
  • Oliver Marshall

Electronics: The Maplin Magazine (December 1982 - February 1983)

"Electronics: The Maplin Magazine", December 1982 issue. Topics covered include: various electronics projects, features, and news. The magazine discusses advancements in hi-fi technology, questioning the future of LP records, and includes projects like a CCITT standard modem, central heating controller, sound generator for the ZX81, and a burglar alarm panic button.